The Brief

Final brief

Crafting a digital narrative for a South African Heritage Brand.

Brief in an X:

Develop an innovative mobile marketing idea that engages and captivates the younger audience (18-27) by leveraging modern marketing strategies, digital technology, and brand storytelling.


Heritage brands have had the hearts of South Africans for generations, but the chance of losing market share has never been this prevalent. In today's digitally connected world, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lives, serving various purposes from shopping to banking. And if a brand doesn’t adopt early, they get left behind fast.

The ask:

A client is seeking a fresh and engaging approach to connect with the younger demographic (18-27) through digital platforms, specifically, on their phones. They have traditionally used the power of brand storytelling to create a meaningful and lasting connection with their audience.

Your task is to conceptualize a digitally-led marketing campaign that seamlessly integrates the brand's essence, digital technology, and brand storytelling.

You choose the brand!

Be sure to pick a South African heritage brand that resonates with you, and that you can add value to by bringing their story into the mobile age.

Key Considerations:

  1. Modern Marketing – Digitally-Led: Leverage digital marketing trends and strategies to conceptualize an idea that will reach and resonate with the target audience.
  2. Inclusion of Technology: Incorporate technology to enhance user experience and interaction with the brand, showcasing the brand's commitment to innovation.
  3. Brand Storytelling Lens: You should have a compelling narrative that gives reason to the idea, and aligns with the already established brand values.

Some examples and inspiration:


Overall, you will need to come up with an innovative idea with a clear brand narrative, that reaches consumers through their mobile phones, as well as an example of an execution showing how your idea will come to life. You will need to submit these two things:

An Idea Card

The below idea card is a simple means of summarising your idea into a single page, before you move it forward and unpack the execution. Each bullet point's rationale shouldn’t be longer than ONE or TWO sentences.

  • Piercing Insight
    What is a deep consumer truth, everyday opportunity or pain-point that has yet to be acknowledged?
  • Brand Connection
    How could the Brand positioning/ product USP speak to your piercing insight?
  • The Idea
    How would these come together (Incl. an overarching campaign headline) in a simple and fresh way?
  • The Execution
    How will your idea come to life across a few campaign touchpoints?

Example of an idea card Idea card example

Material specs: Word doc, 120 Words Max.

An Idea Board

Once your idea card is complete, you’ll want to support it with an idea board. On your idea board you will need to unpack the insight, overarching idea, execution and visual representations or mock-ups that help explain and bring your idea to life in the simplest way possible. How you do this exactly will depend on your idea, but the following examples may help you:

Examples of idea boards:

Material specs: Width 3508px, Height 4960px, PDF, PNG or JPEG under 20mb